Welcome to Holly Antiques! Thank you for your interest in possibly becoming a Consignor in our Mall. Here is the basic information regarding our business.  

Who We Are - Holly Antiques has a long history of being a quality source for antiques and unique collectibles. We pride ourselves in our historic setting, pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable staff as well as the diverse offerings of our dealer/vendors.  

BECOMING A CONSIGNEE – Becoming a Consignor is simple. Upon filling out the HA Consignment Contract, you will be assigned a 4 digit Consignor Number.  Consignor is set up with a catalog page on which all items will be listed.  Items for consignment will be vetted for acceptance, catalogued and tagged with Consignor Number, Item number, initial date of consignment, initial price, and a brief description of the item.  As items are sold, they will be marked as sold on the master catalog page with date of sale, price collected and initials of HA employee.

Acceptance of merchandise – Vetting and acceptance of new consignment items takes place every Thursday and also on other business days by appointment.  All merchandise must meet criteria listed below to be accepted for sell at Holly Antiques.

Commission, House Fees and Sales Tax – A Consignment fee of 25% of price charged will be charged on all cash sales / 27% on credit card sales. All necessary Sales Tax will be collected and paid by Holly Antiques.

       Items will be automatically discounted 25% every 3 months up to 12 months.     

       o   Month 1-3 – 100% of Initial price

       o   Month 4-6 – 75% of Initial Price

       o   Month 7-9 – 50% of Initial Price

       o   Month 10-12 – 25% of Initial Price

       o   On or Before the Anniversary of the initial consignment date, item(s) must be picked up or                it becomes property of HA.

A 10% discount on items priced $20.00 and over will be given to the customer upon request.  This will only apply during the first 3 months of the consignment period.  After that, the item(s) will be considered “sale” items and no further discount will be applied unless approved by Consignor.

Items may be removed from inventory after the initial 3 month period at no cost to the Consignor. If consignment merchandise is not sold or picked up within 1 year from the original consignment date, said items automatically expire and convert to the property of Holly Antiques.

Merchandise – No New, reproductions or crafts permitted.  All Items must be dated prior to 1918 to be labeled antique, 1991 to be designated vintage/retro or be of significant "collect-ability".  Holly Antiques reserves the right to refuse items.

All items must be in clean and good condition.  No chips, cracks or broken merchandise will be accepted. Merchandise must be brought in clean and ready to be placed on the sales floor.  If items must be cleaned or mended, a $20 fee will be added to the commission charged.  All items will be sold at a fair market value according to Holly Antiques discretion.

Tagging – Holly Antiques will provide standard string tags. Items will be tagged by with Consignor with Consignor Number (4  digits highlighted in blue), Initial Date (highlighted in blue), Initial Price and Brief description of item.

Liability – Holly Antiques owners and employees are not responsible for any resulting damage, loss, injury or legal action. Holly Antiques will maintain liability insurance. The Consignor will sell at their own risk.  Holly Antiques will monitor all goods in the shop to the best of their ability.  Holly Antiques has invested in an electronic video monitoring system, alarm system and trustworthy staff.  We will make every effort to safe guard your inventory.

Removal/Reclaiming of Items – Consignor may pick up items at any time after the initial 3 months without fee or penalization.  If the item is removed during the first 3 months a 10% service fee will be applicable. Please have an itemized list of consignments with you.  Notify Holly Antiques staff before removing them from the premises.  Consignment items MUST be signed out and documented before they can be removed from the premises.  Consignor is responsible for locating their own items if they wish to have them back.  Holly Antiques staff cannot pull and hold items for you.  Items will remain for sale until consignor picks them up and signs them out.

Remember that the job of Holly Antiques is to SELL INVENTORY and we are not a holding/ storage facility. Any items which are not sold after 12 months will become the property of HA and will be liquidated by HA at its discretion. 

Marketing and Branding – Holly Antiques, retains the right to display and market products through its web site, social media pages, promotional events, advertising and in-store displays.  Consignors are encouraged to advertise through their own channels such as their own website and social media platforms.  Holly Antiques also encourages you to tag, pin, or comment on any of the Holly Antiques social media sites as a means of bringing visibility to the shop.  Printed materials such as flyers and cards will be made available to share with interested people.

Hours of Operation – Holly Antiques will be closed on some holidays (Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Easter and New Year’s Day) as well as any severely inclement weather days and reserves the right to close at the owners' discretion. Hours of operation will be posted.  

Staffing – Holly Antiques will provide necessary Key Holders and Sales Counter Staff for daily operation.  Holly Antiques Staff’s primary duty is to Open and Close, manage the facilities, oversee daily sales operation and transactions and provide assistance with greeting guests.  Only Holly Antiques Staff and Trained Personal will be permitted to process sales transactions.  

Payments – Checks are available on the 10th of the month.  If you wish to have your check mailed to you, please provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope(s) and notify Holly Antiques staff.  Checks are void and are not re-issued if not picked up and cashed within 90 days. If a check is lost or destroyed, a $2 fee will be required to cancel and re-issue the check.


We hope this answers your basic questions.  We look forward to possibly working with you.  It is our goal to provide a safe, organized, clean and attractive historic environment that will only enhance the shopping experience for our guests and ultimately result in sales for us all.

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