Featured Products

Holly Antiques is home to more than 20 vendors with items ranging from antique and vintage furniture, collectible currency and coins, vintage magazines and books, to collectible fine porcelain figurines and glassware. Each vendor has their own booth or showcase and is encouraged to continually update and restock their spaces as items are sold or as new items become available. Holly Antiques strives to provide authentic antiques (100 years old or older), vintage (at least 20+ years old but not antique) and collectible items. DIY, craft, and “new” items (younger than 20 years) or recent reproductions of antiques are not accepted.  Below is a partial list of some of the types of treasures that can be found at Holly Antiques.

·       Furniture including but not limited to: English, Early American, Mission/Craftsman, Mid-Century Modern, Folk and other

·       Vintage Jewelry

·       Collectible Currency and Coins

·       Print Items; books, periodicals, sheet music, etc.

·       Collectible Figurines and Containers in china, ceramic, glass and more

·       Vintage Pyrex and Kitchenware

·       Antique and Vintage Toys

·       Vintage Clothing, Hats, Purses

·       Native American and Frontier artifacts

·       Antique and Vintage Glassware and Silverware

·       Vintage Baseball cards, sports memorabilia, autographed baseballs and footballs, photos and more

·       Tools and Implements

·       Clocks, Lamps, Light fixtures, Home Accents

·       Advertising, i.e.,  Signage, Packaging, Advertisements, Collectible Marketing Pieces

·       Textiles

·       Fishing and Hunting items

...and much MORE!

Additionally, Holly Antiques also accepts items on consignment. These items are also vetted just like our vendors items, prior to acceptance.  Consignment items come and go, so it’s always a good idea to visit frequently as you never know what will show up.  Consignment items also drop in price by 25% every 3 months!! This is based on the date at which it was originally consigned to Holly Antiques.

So come explore the aisles, booths and showcases of Holly Antiques!  Celebrate the past and take a trip down memory lane.